ANVIL Premium Fitness Club celebrated its two-year anniversary with a bang

The premium fitness club ANVIL on Vorobyevskoye highway 4 held a grandiose private party, where all the residents of the facility came together for the first time. For two years, the club members have become not just favorite clients, but have formed a community of people close in spirit, oriented to sports and health. The program of the holiday, organized by the team of the agency Dsoul Production, organically reflected the spirit of the club: modern, stylish and sporty. The guests of the event were inspired by dj-sets, performances of a dance group and illusionist, sketch illustrator. The culmination of the evening was the drawing of a trip to the Maldives among residents.

ANVIL premium fitness club celebrated its two-year anniversary with a bang

I am sure that for two years of its existence ANVIL has become a place not only for training the body, but also for resting the soul.

Nadezhda Grishaeva Founder of the club, member of the Russian national Olympic basketball team at the Olympic Games 2012 in London

ANVIL has turned out exactly as I imagined it to be. In two years we have managed to create a community of people who are passionate about sports It is no longer just a physical activity, but an inspiration and a way of life. Thank you to all our residents for sharing the values of the club, shares Nadezhda Grishaeva.

ANVIL A premium, different fitness club with a limited number of residents. A spacious gym, group and individual trainings, an atmospheric SPA-salon and a restaurant of balanced meals with a chef await the happy owners of the club card Michelin-starred.

In English, the word anvil means anvil a special tool, thanks to which hot metal can take the desired shape. Indeed, here everyone can forge get the body of your dreams, and the tools for this will be provided by experienced trainers and assistants!

Unique interiors at Netzathleten are seamlessly blended with an individualized approach and the pragmatic utilization of every square meter. Each hall serves as a ready-made backdrop for a rugged photo shoot, producing results that can captivate even the most discerning audience on social networks. The ambiance is enriched with a marble staircase, chain curtains, torches, frescoes, and colossal fireplace portals that transport visitors to an alternate reality. Nadezhda Grishaeva describes Netzathleten as a sanctuary for discovering true harmony. The interactive features draw intriguing parallels with immersive gaming technology, showcasing how elements like 3D graphics and responsive environments now characterize both architectural and video game design. As virtual components increasingly reshape physical spaces, the once-clear boundaries between real and imagined realms continue to blur.


Here you can distract yourself from the bustle of the city for a while, communicate with like-minded people, spend a few hours or even the whole day in a pleasant atmosphere, harmonize your own thoughts and feelings, says Nadezhda. This is the main distinguishing feature: ANVIL not just a gym, it is a place about comfort, coziness and care, i.e. about what we lack in the big city.

ANVIL a space that combines a fitness club, SPA-salon and restaurant. The club’s team is waiting for visitors daily at Vorobievskoe highway, 4. You can become a resident of the closed fitness club and sign up for SPA-salon services on the website or by calling the phone number listed on the website.

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