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Intercom Alternative: An Intercom vs Gist Breakdown

Understanding Intercom Pricing: Everything About Costs Explained

intercom chatbot pricing

You can create an omnichannel CRM suite with a mix of productivity, collaboration, eCommerce, CRM, analytics, email marketing, social media, and other tools. Both app stores include many popular integrations, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Zapier. Intercom offers an easy way to nurture your qualified leads (prospects) into customers with Intercom Series.

intercom chatbot pricing

You should be spending more time growing your business and not thinking about the pricing to pay to customer support platforms. Desku provides a very clear and transparent pricing range that is affordable for any business range. First of all, Trengo offers the same key features that you need, including live chat, email, a team inbox, help center, and chatbots.

Small Businesses

You can definitely get more bang for your buck with some cheaper alternatives to Intercom. Of course this is going to be a niche option for only a small number of organizations, but I really wanted to highlight this cool initiative put out by Intercom. They’re clearly trying to get the platform in the hands of as many teams as possible.

intercom chatbot pricing

For example, maybe agents only want to be notified when an enterprise user or a pro user experiences an issue so they can get to that ticket first if they offer priority support. Whether you’re looking to build a simple landing page or use their live chat platform, HubSpot has the tools and features you need to get the job done. Dixa offers a variety of plans to best fit your organization’s needs, ranging from $39/month for essential features all the way up to $139/ month for their pro plan. Each plan requires a minimum of seven seats, so larger businesses should plan accordingly. Users have pointed out that the platform can be overwhelming due to its extensive features and capabilities. Additionally, the cost of Zendesk can be a concern for small businesses or startups.

What are the best alternatives to Intercom’s email automation?

ProProfs can be an excellent example of how every customer support product should have individual pricing. This makes it easier to calculate how the products you need compare to your budget. However, if you need more advanced features like video or voice chat, co-browsing, screen sharing, multilingual support, or translation, then choose other alternatives. Pure Chat has a text-to-chat feature that enables you to text your customers from your chat dashboard. This way, you can reach out to your customers on their preferred channel and increase your response rate.

LiveAgent’s intuitive design ensures a smooth user experience, even for those new to the platform. Therefore, following a tight budget is essential for most startups to ensure long-term sustainability and profitability. Whether you’re counting every penny or have a bit more financial wiggle room, you need a pricing model that makes sense for your startup’s stage and budget. World-class customer service outsourcing for businesses of all sizes. For example, one study found that 77% of customers won’t even make a purchase on your site if you don’t have live chat available. Another found that 63% of customers were more likely to come back to your website if it has live chat on it.

The best tool that people will always come across is Desku, which has everything that Intercom have to serve that too in budget. Intercom Pricing is complicated, and small businesses would not go for it. More than 25,000 businesses rely on Intercom, and they come in all shapes and sizes, from Angi to, Outschool, Coda,, Code Vend, and H&R Block. If you have figured out that Intercom’s pricing may be a bit too complicated or expensive for your situation, there is no need to worry.

OpenAI launches a premium version of ChatGPT for $20 a month –

OpenAI launches a premium version of ChatGPT for $20 a month.

Posted: Thu, 02 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Your support reps can also view order details right from the Intercom Inbox during live conversations, letting them handle inquiries quickly. Use data from your website, knowledge base, support docs, text files, PDF’s and CSV’s to train your chatbot. Your visitors will always be able to get the right answer to their question in realtime, 24/7. Setting up the live chat was quick and easy, and having suggested help centre articles based on the users question has helped reduce human support time whilst scaling. I need to be able to support multiple incoming customer support chats at once.

Zendesk tracks and measures your support performance and provides you with custom reports and dashboards. Although designed for SaaS businesses, Intercom does not cater to all types of SaaS businesses. If you have a different business model, target market, or customer journey, you may find Intercom to be less flexible for your needs. You may end up with features that are not useful or appropriate for your business. Ensure customer loyalty with personalized experiences, be it bespoke answers, custom bots, or intricate integrations.

With Freshworks, you can get started in minutes without requiring coding or technical skills. Using its powerful APIs and integration support, you can customize and integrate its software with your existing tools and systems. Using live chat, you can resolve customer queries and issues faster. Tidio is a comprehensive customer service platform that helps you connect with your site visitors, automate support processes, and increase conversions. Freshchat is available in more than 30+ languages, with bots supporting 5+ languages. With Live Translate, multilingual topics, FAQs, and a localized inbox, Freshchat helps connect global customers and businesses by removing the language barrier.

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If you buy the Lead Generation Essential plan for 87$/month, your plan will only support a certain number of active people and a certain number of seats. To be exact your plan will only support up to 200 active people and 2 seats. You can see the features and benefits of the customer service package in full detail below.

It has all the integrations that many other live chat systems have. It had all the apps and features we needed to run support cleanly as a team. uniquely gives every one of your team members their own personal live chat box so people can reach them directly.

Intercom is a widely known and capable customer service tool and live chat software that provides lots of features and leveraged customer satisfaction. Intercom has mostly positive reviews, with a 4.4 rating on G2, with users praising its ease of use and robust feature set. However, some users have criticized its high price point and limited integrations.

Something that will allow them to manage ALL customer communication in one place. For that, you may need to upgrade for those three use cases (Engage, Support, and Convert) for your Premium. Freshworks’ chatbots are an essential component of their live chat software. With smooth integrations, AI-powered self-service, and various tools, Freshworks chatbots ensure a unified and efficient workflow. They provide customizable chatbot templates, empowering businesses cooperating with them to tailor the chatbot experience to their specific requirements.

intercom chatbot pricing

It does it all by focusing on the customer lifecycle with conversational marketing and conversational sales. It allows businesses to communicate with customers in a quick and efficient way to resolve any issues shoppers may have. This software also tags customers and records all chat conversations, so businesses can refer back to them if needed.

  • It does it all by focusing on the customer lifecycle with conversational marketing and conversational sales.
  • As a free Intercom alternative, the live chat platform is accessible to freelancers and small business owners.
  • So there is no need to worry about how many people you reach out to, and there will be no surprises on your monthly bill.
  • Zendesk harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to give your agents useful information, suggestions, and smart ideas.

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